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What Are Residential LED Cool Lights?

What are Residential LED Cool Lights?

residential led cool lightingThe world of lighting has advanced in leaps and bounds within the last 5 to 6 years. Light Emitting Diodes a.k.a. LED are the latest technological advancement in this field. These are solid small bulbs which are long lasting and extremely energy efficient. The functioning of a LED light is completely different to the conventional incandescent tube lights and bulbs. These bulbs would help to save money by reducing your monthly electricity bills because of its energy efficient qualities. LED lighting is very popular in aviation, aerospace, architectural, military and residential buildings. There are many benefits of using residential LED cool lights to illuminate your house.

1. Energy efficiency of the product is first and foremost. It helps the environment as well as your bank account in the long run. LED lights are said to give more light in every watt compared to an incandescent light.

2. LED’s are made of solid lighting devices such as semiconductor equipments instead of a neon or filament gas. The small chip enclosed in an epoxy resin attachment gives much more durability to the LED light than the conventional incandescent fluorescent tubes and light bulbs. The LED bulb doesn’t use fragile parts such as glass and filaments. Hence it can withstand extreme shock, vibration and temperatures.

3. LED lights don’t produce heat, hence it can be lit for several hours at a stretch without any problem. The bulb would be cool even if you touch it after several hours of switching on.

4. Color temperature is a novel feature with the LED technology. Choosing the “color of light” emitted by a lamp was not a choice available with conventional lamps. Some LED products will give you the choice of selecting the color of your light that would also set the mood of your space. The technology behind this novel feature is called the “Correlated Color temperature” (CCT), which describes how the color of the light appears from a lamp. This is measured in Kelvins (K). A LED bulb with 1,000K would be candlelight red and feel very warm. A LED bulb with 3,000K is yellow and considered warm white, while a bulb with 5,000K will be blue and considered cool white. The 10,000K bulb is sky blue in color and very cool. Color temperature is based on how a LED bulb would change its color according to the increased temperature levels.

The warm white and cool white LED bulbs are mostly used for residential purposes. This is why they are called Residential LED Cool Lights. Warm white is mostly used in the hallway, living room and the bed room, whereas cool white is used in the kitchen, bathroom, study room, cupboards and office room. There is no reason to not have a mixture of these two LED bulb categories as per the wish of the customer. For example, warm white and cool white bulbs are customizable as per the environment and the customer’s wish. All in all, residential LED cool lights are a great boon to residential lighting systems.


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