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LED Flood Light Failure

Understanding and Dealing with LED Floodlight Failure

LED Flood Light FailureThere’s no question that some well placed and well-maintained LED floodlights can go a long way towards really bringing out the best in your landscape as well as providing some great lighting at night for outdoor lighting or keeping sides of your house lit.

Getting some quality LED floodlights from a local hardware store isn’t the issue. Whether a major chain store or a locally owned small town set up, you you will be able to find plenty of options when it comes to finding these outdoor lighting systems.

But what happens when you experience LED floodlight failure? This is an entirely different situation as there are few things more frustrating with floodlights than thinking you bought a high quality system only to have the lights fail on you.

This is never an ideal situation, especially since you were hoping to enjoy the energy savings from these amazing lights that also take 80% less electricity than their non LED counterparts. However there are some common problems and failings we can use to try and track down the most likely issues that could be causing these problems.

LED floodlight failure #1: Cheap bulbs

While almost everyone at this point has heard the claims of how long lasting many of these fantastic light bulbs are, suggesting they can last years or even decades. The problem is that many of the top-notch models show an incredible shelf life, but many of the lowest end LED lights are cheaply manufactured and their claims for longevity are sketchy at best.

You may simply need to purchase a higher quality of light to make sure you get the results that you’re looking for, a slightly more expensive and reliable model might be in order to make everything work the way you want to over the long term.

Common LED floodlight failure #2:

The driver or power supply. This is far too common an issue, but one that you may find yourself coming up against. Think of this as similar to tackling that string of Christmas lights that just doesn’t want to quite work. Check the lines, check the power source, check the fuses. Make sure there are no loose or faulty connections. You might need to call on an electrician to check the wiring.

Unfortunately there have been a fair number reports of people having issues with LED floodlight failures. You never like to hear about this, but it’s something to be aware of. These are widespread enough that you need to know not to cheap out on the LED bulbs and low end floodlights. There’s no question the low end models have had far more problems than the higher end models.

In other words, this is one issue where it seems to really pay off to do your research ahead of time and to strongly consider spending a little bit of money up front so you won’t get caught paying a lot more to repair LED floodlight failure issues later on down the line.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative blog. I agree with the author the fact that, low quality led flood lights can end up by not lasting long. In order to have a long lasting and energy efficient flood lights, it is always better to go for the leading brands.

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