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Benefits Of Under Cabinet Lighting

All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Under Cabinet Lighting

under cabinet lightingWhen designing a residence there are various considerations to take into account, such as lighting, flooring and wall designs. Contrary to popular belief, this can be a very complicated process and choosing the correct features can influence the atmosphere of a home greatly; therefore, perusing and purchasing lighting must be done with great care. This article will provide information on the benefits of under cabinet lighting detailing why this type of lighting has grown in popularity over the past few years.

1. Greater focus on tasks at hand

The majority of residences present with overhead lighting exclusively and are void of any under cabinet lighting features. While overhead lighting is useful in shining light on the tasks an individual is completing, this light shines in all directions distributing light to various areas in the room. By putting under cabinet lighting in place light will be focused on the counter providing one with sufficient and effective light for any counter-based task.

2. Avoiding glare from the lights

Potentially one of the most important features to this type of cabinet lighting is its ability to avoid glare. Lighting glare involves the experience one has when staring directly into a naked light bulb or the reflection of a naked light bulb. In many instances individuals will remove the light shade from a kitchen light to increase the level of light being distributed throughout the room; however, while effective it can make the light uncomfortable to view. By placing the light bulb underneath the cabinet the light source will be hidden while still producing a sufficient amount of light.

3. Helps eliminate shadows

Another benefit of this type of lighting is its ability to eliminate shadows. While some may view this as an unimportant feature, there are those who find this very useful. Due to the fact that these lights are installed underneath the cabinets they do not have the ability to create shadows on wall cabinets like overhead lighting. The most effective method of eliminating shadows is by installing a light underneath one’s cabinet every 20-30 inches apart.

4. Energy efficient lighting

While it is possible to purchase energy efficient light bulbs and place them as overhead lighting fixtures, this type of lighting is beneficial to the environment by reducing the number of lights being used. Whereas a central light requires a greater voltage to light up a larger surface area, the lighting underneath a cabinet requires less as it is required to focus on a small area directly beneath its placement.

5. Adding unique style and design

As is mentioned above, the majority of individuals do not present this type of lighting in their residences making under cabinet lighting a unique feature. Furthermore, lights shining from underneath a cabinet have the ability to make stone and granite counter tops more aesthetically pleasing with a greater sparkle.

Final words on the matter

Choosing lighting for a residence can be complicated; however, by reading the aforementioned considerations it may be simple for you to install the best lighting fixtures for your needs.

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