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Benefits of Choosing LED Flood Light Bulbs

The Many Benefits Of Choosing LED Flood Light Bulbs

Benefits of LED LightingWhen you want to light up your deck, porch, patio and yard, there is no better choice than LED flood light bulbs. This choice in lighting is aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and easy on the pocketbook.

What is the LED difference?

LED is an acronym for “light emitting diode”. This type of light bulb emits light via semiconductor diodes. This sort of solid state device is far more durable than old fashioned light bulbs. Furthermore, LED flood light bulbs do not contain filaments, toxic gas or mercury as do fluorescent bulbs. When you invest in LED lighting for your outdoor areas, you don’t have to worry about toxic leaks and breakage.

What are the other benefits of choosing LED lighting?

One of the top advantages of selecting LED flood lights is the fact that they are very energy efficient. Although LED lighting may cost a bit more at time of purchase, you will more than make up for the cost in energy savings in the long run. Furthermore, you can count on an LED flood light to last for the long run. These types of bulbs have far greater longevity than either incandescent or fluorescent lighting with an average lifespan of eleven years given twelve hours of daily usage. In other words, one LED bulb is the equivalent of about fifty incandescent bulbs. This adds up to lower cost, lower energy use and less waste to be disposed of in the form of burned out bulbs.

LED lighting produces less heat!

A lower amount of heat is good in a direct way for plants that may be situated near lighting. Indirectly, producing less heat is good for our one and only planet. While it may seem that the heat produced by old fashioned lighting could not contribute significantly to the overall temperature of the earth, the fact is the heat from trillions of light bulbs adds up significantly. Every smart and ecologically friendly choice you make leads to positive change.

LED lighting is more attractive!

As if all the other advantages were not enough, LED outdoor lighting is just better looking than light from incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. The light is bright and clear and can be directed strategically for dramatic effect. Using LED flood lights you can highlight the areas you want to draw attention to and make hidden areas safer by making them less appealing to potential burglars.

Is LED lighting just for outdoors?

Actually, LED is the wave of the future in terms of all lighting. Outdoor options include LED tube lighting. This is an excellent choice for areas where you want a subtle, ambient lighting. This choice in lighting is easy on the eyes and creates a soothing atmosphere.

Is it hard to install LED lighting?

Screwing in an LED bulb is just as easy as screwing in an incandescent bulb. The only difference is you won’t have to do it as often since LED lighting choices last a very long time.

Are there many choices in LED lighting?

Selections in LED flood light bulbs grow by the day as this innovative and practical choice in lighting becomes more and more popular. Just as with all technology, as demand and popularity grow, availability grows and cost becomes more and more affordable. You can select LED lighting in a wide variety of wattages and configurations to suit your lighting needs and your budget.

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