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An In-Depth Look At LED Light Tubes

An In-Depth Look At LED Light Tubes

indepth look at led light tubesLighting is one of the most critical aspects of any home or business. Without light, the world would be a dark place, both literally and figuratively. That may sound cliche but it is the truth! There are many types of lights available on the market and the one we will focus on today in this article are LED light tubes. These lights are quickly growing in popularity and you can find them as tube lights, light bulbs and even flood lights which can be used in sporting facilities. Fluorescent light tubes were once the most popular type; however, the benefits of LED lights completely outshine them. We will now look at the advantages of using LED’s over Fluorescent tubes.

The first benefit of using LED light tubes is that they offer long term savings. LEDs are actually more expensive than Fluorescent tubes, but this is only the initial cost for the tube. Fluorescent lights can only be used for up to 10,000 hours before they are replaced and incandescent lights can only last between 800 and 1500 hours. LED tubes on the other hand can last up to an amazing 60,000 hours! As you can see, you would have to buy 6 Fluorescent light tubes to get the value of 1 LED tube. That is simply amazing and will provide substantial savings.

Another great benefit of using LED lights is that they are easy to maintain. This is especially true in commercial applications where the heavy use of fluorescent lights and their low lifespan would require them to be replaced regularly. This creates more maintenance time that directly translates to added cost to a company. LED lights on the other hand would require changing less frequently due to their long life which makes them easy to maintain.

The next benefit of using LED’s over fluorescent lights is that LED’s don’t make any noise. Fluorescent light tubes are well known for the noises they make such as buzzing, clicking and popping noises intermittently. This can be very annoying and distracting, especially in the workplace. LED tubes on the other hand are completely silent and blend into the background, as they should.

Fluorescent lights have a large negative impact on the environment. They contain small amounts of poisonous mercury and vapor which are dangerous to humans if ingested as well as to the environment when it is disposed. LED’s on the other hand don’t contain any poisonous substances which don’t pose a threat to your family, home, pets, employees, people or the environment.

Lastly, LED’s consume less energy, are durable and give off less heat than other light sources. LED lights use less electricity than fluorescent tubes which are better for your wallet and for the environment. It is critical that we reduce our energy consumption as much as possible and LED’s can allow you to do just that. Also, they are very durable since unlike fluorescent lights, they aren’t made of hollow glass which can be easily broken.

In closing, LED light tubes are simply the best choice in comparison to the other light tubes on the market. Sure, it will initially cost more, but will save you thousands in the long run.

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